About Us

We're not just a website we're a community!

This site is an on-line swapping service, where members can access details about other members unwanted items, and list items on the site themselves they no longer need, then make request for wanted goods. Our main aim is to help our members get rid of their unwanted items and enable them to find goods they need amongst each other at no cost.

Who is iSwapBiz?

iSwapBiz, a sub platform of iDealBiz who themselves was established in 2018, is a cutting-edge e-commerce business to business (B2B) or person to person (P2P) bartering platform in Lisbon, Portugal.

 We are an early leader in Portugal to offer an online e-barter platform where businesses can monetize inventories and surplus capacities by trading for them. Our company is looking to implement the barter system on an industrial level between businesses and individual people.

We Offer a Digital Platform for Hassle-free Exchange of Products

iSwapBiz is a platform offering digital bartering services. Our members can buy or sell products  on our platform by using iSwapBiz Points. The products involved in the barter trade through iSwapBiz are offered with a great market value ratio.

Our Platform Makes Seasonal Slow Months a Myth

Almost all types and sizes of business struggle with seasonal slow months. By becoming a member of iSwapBiz, you can keep yourself busy during those months. There is always

someone out there looking for what you have to offer and our platform acts as the perfect meeting point.

Find Value in Every Dimension of Your Business With Us

At iSwapBiz, you can always expect to work out a deal. We are building a vast network of members across various sectors and industries, and our membership numbers will quickly increase. You can be assured of finding a company in need of the products that you have to offer. Furthermore, through iSwapBiz, you can get rid of your surplus inventory/capacity and increase productivity of your business.

Leverage the Expertise of Our Company’s Staff

We understand that initially cutting a deal and finding a business to barter can be confusing. But, we have access to a team of experienced and talented professionals that can help through the process. These professionals will help you in making strong connections with hundreds of business owners who are members on our platform so that you can earn iSwapBiz Points. Are you ready to leverage the power of barter? You simply have to register with us to become a iSwapBiz member. Once you are on board, we will be available to help you and offer you guidance and assistance at every step of the way. For more information, you can contact us, via phone or email.

What is the iSwapBiz Barter Community?

A great way to save money and create connections with neighbors is to be part of the iSwapBiz bartering site. You and your neighbors can trade things that everyone needs, create some safe relationships and maybe have a little extra at the end of the month!

We already barter everyday — when we take our turn in a carpool, baby-sit the kids of the woman who sometimes baby-sits ours, even swap one item for another. Bartering is simply trading for goods rather than exchanging money. If you have something that I want or need and I have something that you want or need, we can barter through a bartering site instead of going to a store or a service provider and using cash. iSwapBiz bartering platform is set up for “one to one” exchanges in which people trade directly with one another to get things they need as well as the ability to use a “Points” that people exchange for goods and services. 

What Types of Things Can We Barter?

As long as someone needs it, any item in your home or  your business or your family can provide could be bartered. For example, you can swap “goods” like clothes, toys and furniture. 

In the world of bartering, there also exists the “triangle” barter concept. Here, normally 3 or even more people are involved.

For instance, Person A has a Bicycle. They are in need of a Mobile phone, and so they create a WISH in the platform for the that mobile phone that they need and also creates a SWAP for the bicycle that they can offer.

Person C, a Teacher, has created a SWAP for a washing machine that they have to offer, but had created a WISH for a bicycle that they would like.

Person B, a Gardener by trade, needs a washing machine and has a mobile phone they no longer need. They they have created a SWAP for the phone, and a WISH for a washing machine.

Using the iSwapBiz platform, they can all find each other via their WISH and SWAP entries and find a solution where Person A gets a phone from Person B, Person C gives a washing machine to Person B, and Person C gets a bicycle from Person A.

Here no money has changed hands, but each person obtained a product that they were needing and provide an item they no longer wanted.

Everyone, walked away happy.